Regatta Flag

The exclusive Mylne Regatta flag will ensure everyone knows your yacht is a Mylne.

Mylne Classic Yacht Design FlagKelpie flying the Mylne Regatta Flag

Our exclusive Mylne Regatta flag for flying at any Regattas or events you may be attending in your Mylne yacht.

The flags feature our new dark blue on white classic yacht motif, a tensioned monochromatic relief, typical of the early work of our great founder Alfred Mylne.

These high quality printed flags measure either 6ft x 4ft or 5ft x 3ft in size, and can be hoisted on your forestay or shrouds as appropriate to the occasion. They include brass eyelets in the reinforced hoist edge to keep them safe and secure in strong winds.

The cost includes all postage and taxes, for Worldwide delivery.



Please do send pictures of your yacht flying the new flag and we will post them on our Mylne facebook page.