Atlantide, ex Caletta motor yacht designed by Alfred Mylne in 1930 Tigris - Clyde One Design from 1899, Alfred Mylne classic Yacht Design The Blue Peter, 1928 - Alfred Mylne Classic Yacht Design The Blue Peter, 1928 - Alfred Mylne Classic Yacht Design Eileen II 1934 - Alfred Mylne Classic Yacht Design

Mylne Yacht Design

Mylne Yacht Design is run today by our dedicated team of Naval Architects, Designers, and Engineers. 

Started in Glasgow in 1896 by world renowned yacht designer Alfred Mylne, the design business has been in continual operation ever since. The studio is famed for its elegant and fast yacht designs which are today considered the pinnacle of classic design. With such an illustrious heritage it is easy to forget that the Mylne office has always been at the forefront of contemporary yacht design, including OSTAR competing trimaran design in the 1960's, and today our Carbon Jet 685 powerboat design.

Today, we undertake commissions to design the ultimate modern sailing yacht, or re-create the classic race-winning Mylne designs of the twentieth century using modern techniques, materials and technology fused with traditional yacht design. These include our innovative Bolt electric boat - a classically styled electric sports boat that holds the British Electric Water Speed Record - and the all-carbon yacht tender Carbon Jet 685 which was inspired by the Palmer Johnson Supersport 48. For lovers of classic yachts we offer original designs from the archives of Alfred Mylne & Co. allowing us to recreate authentic sailing yachts from the turn of the last century.

Owning and enjoying a Mylne, you will become part of the Mylne family. A worldwide collection of owners and enthusiasts who recognise the quality and share the passion first created by our founder.

Mylne also offers a flourishing brokerage service offering classic yachts for sale which include some of the most beautiful wooden boats ever built.

For more information about our yachts, how to own, care for and enjoy them, please call, write or email us at

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