Video: The future for Mylne Yachts

Mylne have been working with Business Gateway who have been able to help us further our business in the UK and internationally.  In this video, which was made for Fife Business Gateway, David Gray discusses Mylne's great heritage and its exciting future.

We think it is an interesting insight into our work, skill, expertise and most importantly our dreams and aspirations for a brand built on tradition, quality and over 100 years of heritage whilst utilising the latest innovation and technology. We hope you think so too.


1. Guy

This is an unfortunate trend for such a small cmomunity, but regretfully many visitors that arrive in Caribbean appear to be fairly insensitive to what is left of the indigenous culture they encounter. Yachting crews have been known to take-over the areas that they populate, and often take no pains to be humble despite the lavish life styles they represent. There appears to be growing resentment of this type of Mega Wealth, and unfortunately completely innocent people become marks, or targets of opportunity. There is nowhere to run. We must begin to solve this type of problem from within the cmomunity, not as a Yachties are being victimized issue. No doubt locals are more often the victims of social misfits. What a shame.

2. Manu

Bob and Brenda,Welcome home! And thanks for the wofnerdul blog. I hope you are enjoying your trip as much as I am. I was fascinated by the Loro Piana race footage oh, to be 30 again The GAM in Essex sounds lovely, sorry I can't be there. Hope to see you both before you set sail again. Cathy, your Annapolis connection