Bolt 18 - Evolution Scotland 2014

Bolt 18 fast electric boat in st tropez

Mylne Yachts will be displaying their record-breaking prototype Bolt 18 Fast Electric Boat at the "Evolution" Edinburgh Electric Vehicle Show at the Highland Hall, Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh on Saturday 26th April 2014.

The revolutionary Mylne Bolt 18 is the most powerful electric boat of its size in the UK, with a 135BHP electric motor. The electrical charge is stored in a specially designed watertight 400 volt Lithium battery pack, giving the Bolt a useful range of 10 miles at 20 knots. With a top speed in excess of 30 knots, the Bolt 18 set the British Waterspeed Record for electric boats in its class on Coniston Water in November 2012. Originally launched at the Monaco Yacht Show in September of that year, the prototype boat has been undergoing rigorous testing both in the South of France and on the River Forth to ensure the reliability of this cutting edge technology.

The Mylne Bolt 18 classic lines are inspired by the work and design ethos of our founder Alfred Mylne, who established the yacht design company of A.Mylne & Co in Glasgow in 1896. With over 200 yachts sailing worldwide, Mylne Yacht Design is one of the oldest and most successful yacht design studios in the World.

The presentation of the the Bolt 18 at this important Scottish Electric Vehicle show marks a new chapter in the Mylne story.



1. Nilesh

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