The art of yacht design

Design No 20 - scan-16052 - Sail Plan with sketches - 20pcDesign No20 - Sail PlanThere is no doubt that Alfred Mylne was an artist. Responsible for designing some of the fastest and most beautiful yachts ever built, the simplicity of his original hand drawn yacht plans may not at first sight communicate the beauty of the finished boats for which he is so famous.

Going through the Mylne archive last week we found some delightful sketches in the corner of a design for a 19ft cruiser, appropriately named Bella. Dating from around 1897, the drawings come from one of his earliest designs, No.20, a small cruising sloop for a Mr Rodger.

Why did he add these drawings? The yacht was called Bella? Perhaps he asked a Muse to pose for him for inspiration? The characters show a certain artistry of touch that is reflected in the grace of his designs. At the very least, we think we can assume he was a romantic at heart!

Alfred Mylne Art - Bella 1

Alfred Mylne Art - Bella 2